COVID-19 Re-opening Update

Dear clients, 

Covid19 has affected everyone and created challenges for many hairstylists like myself.  Although some counties are beginning to consider allowing hair salons to reopen, the Bay Area has not allowed salons to reopen and continues to proceed with caution - moving slowly and thoughtfully given the high risk this virus still poses to our community.  Protecting myself and my clients is and will be the top priority.  I wanted to provide everyone with an update on how I am preparing to reopen my salon and what precautions I am taking to do my best to keep everyone safe. I am following current guidelines as outlined by the state and local government authorities and the salon guidelines.

Stylist Requirements Update:

* I will be operating alone- wearing a face mask and gloves at all times. * Stylist is required to change face mask and gloves before each new appointment, * Stylist is required to disinfect all working area surfaces and high touch surfaces before and after each client. * Stylist will only schedule 2 appointments per working day,  * Our Salon cannot have more than one client inside at time.

* Stylist required to use disposable towels and Clients drapes and gownes. 

Clients Requirements Update:

* Clients are required to wear a face mask at all times, * Clients will be given a free disposable face mask upon arrival. * Clients will be asked to use hand sanitizer on their hands prior to entering the salon. * Clients are required to fill out and sign a Covid19 waiver form before any services will be performed. * Client temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer prior to entering the salon. 

Watch how coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors

Days of Operation and Services provided Update:

* Stage 1:   Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-4pm for haircuts and hair color only  * Stage 2: To be determined depending on state and local requirements 

Date of Re-opening Update

This remains unknown since all Bay Area counties have not allowed hair salons to re-open. Still you can request to be on our waiting list.

Your health and safety is our top priority and we hope to see you soon.

Be safe.


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Watch how coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors

Watch how coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors

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